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Jungle Bay is a community of mfers who came for the art, and stayed to FAFO. Jungle Bay has become the blueprint for building in uncharted waters—the OG Lord of the Flies origin.

Five thousand five hundred fifty five

Apes living on an island and bringing the fucken heat to web-three world.

The new jungle dimension where all mfers at!



That make this island a better place

Filthy Trikks

This guy was fucken born in this place.

Loground x Vorksee

A couple that been ripping the fucken ape island for quite long time. Best memes only!

Scream Vision

Real meme-machine who can generate the dankest art in one second.

Many others

Jungle bay is the place with hella bunch of legends. Check all of them greatest mfer arts in our treasury.

Get ready!
All we care about isMemesMemesMemesMemes
"Vibe Check"
"Vibe Check"by blendingnodes
Changing the tune